Pixel Art, Animations, Other things possibly
Commissions: Open, a little bit


  • I reserve the right to refuse a commission I do not feel comfortable with. I will not do overly explicit, or hateful content.

  • Payment will be through Paypal only.

  • Payments will be made upfront, or half-upfront. I will not start working until payment has been made.

  • Each piece includes 2 free major revisions. More revisions will be charged.

  • I may use commissioned work in my own commission sheets or portfolios. Please tell me if you'd like the work to be private.

  • Please provide reference photos. If you have only a verbal description, I may have to charge extra.

  • Expect a turnaround of one week, unless specified otherwise.


Prices are dependent on both size and type. Size is measured in pixels. Please see the examples for reference. If there's any further confusion, feel free to ask me!

Simple background refers to a shape/pattern.
Complex background refers to landscapes etc. More complex backgrounds will be subject to additional charges.

Small Icons (up to 64px)Price (USD)
.Avatar, Icon, or Sprite15
.Set of 5 Twitch Badges20
.+ Animation (per frame)+1
.+ Simple BackgroundFREE
.+ Complex Background+ 5

Medium Pieces (up to 130px)Price (USD)
.Avatar, Icon or Sprite25
.Full Scene w/ Background40
.+ Animation (per frame)+ 2
.+ Simple Background+ 5
.+ Complex Background+ 10
Non-Pixel ArtPrice (USD)
.Full Body30
.+ Simple Background+ 5


For commissions & inquiries, email me at:
[email protected]
Alternatively, you can DM me on Instagram or Twitter.

Thank you for your time!